Channel Programs

Stairway to Paradise

Youngman Moez Masoud will draw a simple road that can lead you to Jannah in his show "Stairway to Paradise".

Youth Issues

The program disscuses what a young person takes into his or her mind, his childhood experiences, as well as his lifestyle, social relationships and family life, and how to deal with such age stage??

The Role of the Masjid in the West

Yusuf Chambers and Jamshed Javed discuss this in a series of episodes on how to make the Mosque do their expected job in society especially in a non Muslim country.

The Eternal Journey

From life to death until we face our fate in the hereafter this is the Eternal Journey ! Read more!

The Contender

How to win the Eternal battle between Good & Evil? That is what you are going to know!

Live the Moment

Human life comprises various moments of change, so how can we deal with these moments in a right way?

The Best of All Nations

Allah the Almighty said in His Holy Book: “You are the best of the nations raised up for (the benefit of) men”. Yusuf Chambers explores with us the meanings and evidence of this verse along with his

The Choice

Julie Converted to Islam at the age of 50 and here is her story!

The Straight Path

In This Show Daud R. Matthews shares his story about his journey to Islam & Through Islam

Risalat Al-Islam

“Risalat Al-Islam” is a very special and unique program that will be presented by Professor Tariq Ramadan who will invite us to be immersed with him at the heart of the message of Islam.

Islam Is

Islam Is, is a program that explains the basics of Islam through a series of basic questions.

In the Realm of the Holy Quran

Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Baaith will meet you daily in Ramadan on Iqraa International Channel in his program "In the Realm of the Holy Quran", in which he will try to make you understand the Quran's mess

Science & Faith

"Science and Faith" is a faith project in which the scientific substance and spiritual meditation guide us to the faith in Allah Almighty.

The Deen Show

The Deen Show strives to provide the correct information about Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike from authentic sources which include the Quran and the Sunnah.


If you have any Islam-related question that really bothers you and you are looking for an answer. "Fatawa" is a live TV show where the viewers will be able to ask the Sheikh about Islamic legal opinio

Healthy Muslim in Ramadan

Dr. Ann Coxon will be your host in this show which will let you know how to stay healthy in Ramadan! Many tips and pieces of advice will be waiting for you!

Women Duties & Rights

IQRAA presents to you the new program” Women Duties & Rights”, where Julie Siddiqui - one of the first female national Vice Presidents of the Islamic Society of Britain

Boycott these Products

In each episode of “Boycott these Products” show Al Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Masri will choose a product to talk about Gossip, Lying and other products that all Muslims should boycott!

Caller of The Heavens

In Callers of Heavens we will meet some of those men that Allah permitted to become callers of heavens! Men who are responsible for the call to prayer!

I Think, Therefore Islam

In each episode of this fun and worthy show brother Farouq McDermott? and brother Jawad (Muslim reverts living in UK) discuss an issue where they feel it was causing them conflict when they were non-M

Then I was guided

During the episodes of “Then I was guided” Jamil Rachid will give us a better understanding of the concept of guidance and how Allah helps us to be from the ones who are guided.

Women Immortalized in History

The figures that you will meet in this show are women from all religions. Islam is the religion of all prophets, and hence the program features women from 2 eras before Islam & after Islam, for they a

Islam The Way of Life

Paul Armstrong discusses issues that are important to the Muslim Community in the West and in the Islamic Countries

Revolution of a Man

Are you fed up with your low self-esteem and you feel you don’t have the courage to stand up against injustice, falsehood, and unbelievers? Don’t worry, because Dr. Muhammad Noah Al-Quda will take you

Noble Companions

Dr. Hassan Shaheen will introduce a documentary program, spotting the light on the life of one of the Prophet’s companions during each episode of his show "Men around the Prophet".

The Best Women on Earth

Dr. Abla Al-Kahlawi always spots the lights on the faith aspects that strengthen the relationship between people and the Creator, Allah, glorified and exalted be He.


We all read the Holy Quran but we still can’t get all the facts embedded in its lines… Prof. Zaghloul An-Najjar will join us in a very useful program "Reason" where he will discuss some of the scienti