For the first time, Dr. Muhammad Al-Arifi in London to film a new program for Ramadan

The well-Known scholar and lecturer Muhammad Al-Arifi takes a trip to London with IQRAA technical team, in order to film a new program that will be aired to you in Ramadan.

This program will be the first program of the Sheikh in the west and it will be about Muslim Minorities in UK and their conditions there. During Sheikh’s trip, he will visit the Islamic organisations and establishments which serve Muslims there and he will also meet a group of non Muslims to engage in Islam and familiarize them with the advantages of the Islamic religion in addition to promote peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims.

 It is worth to mention that IQRAA has made an agreement with Sheikh Muhammad to film his upcoming programs in America, Asia and Australia to shed light on the Muslims activities and their conditions in these countries.


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    23/06/2013 12:22:45
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