Struggling To Find A Suitable Spouse? Read This!

If you’re struggling to find a suitable spouse, you’re not alone…

One of the biggest reasons why finding the right person is so tough is because it’s tricky to clearly articulate what you want!

There are many ways to find someone including:

 Matrimonial services online

 Professional matchmakers

 Marriage bureaus and agencies

‘Lonely hearts’ columns in papers/online

 Marriage events

 Through friends/family/colleagues

  All of these methods have one thing in common – they rely on you being able to clearly explain to others what you want. Most of these methods depend on a profile of some kind. We’re not just talking bio-data – we mean your personality and life experiences, who you are, what you have to offer and what your requirements are in your future spouse.

  The sad fact is that most people THINK they’ve written a great profile, but in reality, it’s the same old cliched style as hundreds or even thousands of other people out there!

  One thing to understand about writing a great profile is this – it’s almost always the FIRST point of contact and therefore the first impression you give to a potential spouse – so you have to get it right.

  Your profile is advertising YOU as a person to a potential spouse. And if you don’t write something that stands out in a sea of other profiles, you’ll just end up blending in with everyone else.

  Unfortunately, most people forget this thinking they’ve written enough to encourage others to want to learn more about them…

  And become confused, worried and even desperate when they realise they’re either attracting the wrong people, or they aren’t attracting anyone at all.

  This is one of the main reasons why so many brothers and sisters feel frustrated at the lack of good quality marriage prospects. The worst thing is, they have NO IDEA their profile is actually putting the right people off from contacting them!

  So how do you write about yourself in a way which is clear, concise and interesting enough to attract the right people to you?

  The first step to attracting a suitable spouse is having a compelling and snappy profile – one that speaks to the right person and repels the wrong one!

  Keep in mind that regardless of how you are searching for a spouse, it’s your profile that is going to do the talking before you ever say a single word!

  Firstly, you’ve got to be original and lose the cliches. Things like ‘I’m down to Earth’ or ‘I’ve got a good sense of humour’ are all examples of statements that have been used to death in profiles all around the world!

  Secondly, stop listing all the things you’re looking for – you’re looking for a spouse, not going shopping!

  Third, be sure to mention what makes you unique and different to everyone else. Remember that you’re literally competing against hundreds or even thousands of other people out there who are also looking for a spouse.

  Finally, find ways to talk about what you do in an original way. Part of what makes you sound like some others would want to get to know is by allowing them to see a part of your personality shining through on paper – as if it’s an extension of yourself!





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