Special Footpath Built for Blind Man to Help Him Get to Mosque Easily – Islam is Beautiful

A special footpath has been built to help a blind man walk from his home to his local mosque in Saudi Arabia.

The path leads up to the steps of the Mosque.

The bright yellow, textured path was installed in the city of Buraidah, northern Saudi Arabia by a charity. It is designed to make it easier for blind worshipers to walk to the Mosque and keep them safe.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said:

"The merciful are shown mercy by Ar-Rahman. Be merciful on the earth, and you will be shown mercy from Who is above the heavens. The womb is named after Ar-Rahman, so whoever connects it, Allah connects him, and whoever severs it, Allah severs him."

May Allah bless all those involved in this beautiful project.

Source: ilmfeed.com



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