Looking for Happiness?

Looking for Happiness?

Every human being looks for happiness, joy, and delight, but to achieve that, we need six important things:

1- Knowledge of what is beneficial and good:

We are limited, and that is why we need Allah, the Most high, to inform us of what is good and beneficial for us, so refer to the Quran and Sunnah to know what is good.

2- The path to take to attain that good:

The only path is the path of revelation; the Quran and the Sunnah. It is a path that all Prophets and righteous people took, and they reached their final destination in peace. This path requires patience and dedication with certainty.


3- To actually take that path of goodness:

Knowledge is important, but it is only half the way to delight and happiness; unless you put the knowledge into actions, there is no benefit in it. Efforts, courage, struggle, and patience need to be in place to actually take the path to Paradise and goodness.


4- Knowledge of what is harmful and bad:

On the other hand, you have to know what is harmful; otherwise, happiness will not be attained. If you do all kinds of good things, one small harm can ruin all of it. Therefore, we need to know what is evil and bad. Again, humans are limited, we need knowledge of what is harmful, and it was given to us by Allah in the Quran and Sunnah.


5- The paths of evil and what is bad:

Evil and what is bad have so many different paths; the only way to know that is by learning what Allah wants from us in the Quran and the Sunnah.


6- To actually avoid the paths of evil:

Desires, temptations, peer pressure, and most importantly Shaytan (the devil) will try to take you to the path of evil and destruction. Shaytan will adorn and beautify the evil in your eyes, and unless you have the knowledge, patience, dedication, fear of Allah, hope for His rewards, and love of Allah, you will not be able to succeed.


Turn to Allah alone and ask Him for guidance and help, stay in a good environment with people who remind you of Allah, and beware of befriending those who commit sins that take them away from Allah.

May Allah guide us all, Ameen 


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