Overview of Iqraa


The Launch, Vision and Development of Iqraa Channel


Founded by Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel on the first of Rajab 1419 AH, October 21, 1998 CE, Iqraa was the first Islamic satellite channel, launched with the goal to reflect the original Arab culture and spread the tolerant and moderate teachings of Islam, while addressing all family members through its diverse programming.


The launch of Iqraa Satellite Channel was without a doubt a groundbreaking, successful and prominent experience, as the first Islamic satellite channel in the world, that started broadcasting in Arabic, covering the Arab world, and later expanding to cover Europe, then North America, then Asia and Australia. Now, Iqraa Channel’s broadcast covers almost the entire world.


Iqraa’s first international channel was launched in English in 2011, followed by French, as a precursor to spreading this moderate thought in many languages to all mankind.


Origin, Perspective, Vision and Essence



{Iqraa (read) in the Name of Your Lord, Who Created} was the first Quran verse revealed to Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. A uniting word that renounces dissension, racism and sectarianism.



Allah says: {We have made you (believers) a justly-balanced Ummah (community), that you might be witnesses over the nations, and the Messenger a witness over you.} The Islam revealed to Prophet Muhammad is free from any fanaticism, extremism or sectarianism. It is a religion of love, tolerance, development and civilization.



Iqraa seeks to be a voice of the true moderate face of Islam, propagating Islam’s tolerance in every language that Muslims speak, presenting programs that touch upon their lives, address their spiritual, social and economic interests, and cater for their human needs, with an Islamic perspective and a modern vision.



True moderate Islam